the legal system is just a game and the complexity makes it easy.

Judge hammer with scales, law concept. 3d illustration on white background

if the legal system is a game, which it is. Then what happens when games get difficult???

does the player adapt get stronger get quicker witted dig deeper into that philosophical

hat of justice? Do they in video games? Not always. Sometimes, the player just pushes

back and the game cracks. Any loop hole any fault in the design in the game is noticed

that can give the player an advantage is noticed and exploited. Notably in the speed running

community. The most obvious example in the legal world is that you can simply sue until

your competition is exhausted whether you win or lose the case they are crippled from

the fundamental imbalance that money brings to the legal system. Money is your cheat code.



There will always be cracks in the legal system, but removing the cheat code(money) is a good

first step.