Southpark – Manbearpig saga


Southpark season 22 – episode 6-7 :Is it time to get cereal?

This is not a recap!!! watch the show if you haven’t!

Let’s discuss The Man Bear Pig in the room!

Who and what is Man Bear Pig? He’s obviously in this case climate change as described

by everybody on the internet very vaguely. But more importantly he’s ongoing wanton

CURRENT destruction!! Most people seem to have missed the point that there is a very

obvious Man Bear Pig in the room right now! We have wild fires, oil spills, car accidents,

starving children, income inequality, drugs, sloth, corrupt cops, ineffectual Government

Right now! Alllll this junk is Man Bear Pig claws now!




Why did Grandpa mention ice cream with cars??? Because the deal with Man Bear Pig

is extremely wide scope! Sure cars are probably the worst thing on the planet but

even something such as icecream with industrial farming and widespread distribution

isn’t free of a Man Bear Pig retaliation; Almost nothing is sustainable.


Why is Al-gore a ghost sometimes? Because everything Al-gore is has no substance and

is not a solution. He simply uses Man Bear Pig to define his own identity and to drive

attention towards himself. The whole, none of the things Al gore predicted came to pass

so we didn’t believe you part then the acceptance of climate change. The government

is there to, “supposedly”, stimulate the industry not provide any meaningful solutions.


Why does Satan fight Man Bear Pig? Because every single solution we are willing to

use against Man Bear Pig is satanic. Our solutions are easy, immediate, and vastly

and woefully flawed. Our solutions are self serving which will never ever defeat

Man Bear Pig who thrives and draws power from greed.  The whole devil

being red then dead and redeeming himself and flying off to heaven was.


Why Red dead redemption? The game is current and it’s funny. The final

scene where all society has to do is give up soy sauce and red dead redemption

is iconic. Even if to escape Man Bear Pig we only had to give

up a single video game and a popular condiment we wouldn’t do it.

Obviously we’d have to give up far more to appease our Pig lord!!!

We’d rather live in ignorance as a species, get high, and play video games.

Couldn’t agree more! off to my video games.



So what is real the solution to Man Bear Pig? Jesus. Plain and simple. Self sacrifice.