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what is the speed of light?


the speed of light is the speed of the rendering of reality.
But also 299 792 458 m / s
I have to give credit to my math teacher for this. His
answer is that if you were to have a computer operating
within the operation of a computer the processes would
be limited by the speed of the host computer. The imitation
computer could never out perform the speed of the processes
of the host. The speed of light is the fastest possible processing time of
the universe where our reality is the stuff being processed.


on this train of thought

Can a computer built to operate within the operation of a computer outperform the host computer?



the computer within the computer isn’t constrained by heat production.

aliens??? sure,


what is an alien? a form of life not on earth. Say we “flew” to the moon and discovered

a cat that’s an alien… really not special. But, many put having life on other planets

on some sort of pedestal.


but let’s work with this question.

proof? I don’t know any, but other people know way more than me.

i’d still say aliens are a certainty though.

infinite universe… infinite time… infinite realities… infinite potential energy or disbalance depending on how you want to think about it. Then we know life is based on probability and is extremely unlikely. We can define the most basic life as a bacteria. We can expand the term life to include potential “non carbon” because we simply may not have found another way to do life.

so the question becomes in an infinite universe with infinite time and infinite multiple realities and infinite energy is there a bacteria or some other form of life not found on earth?


aaa yeah…


which came first, chicken or egg?? or a reality conceived in a jar.



problems with I think therefore I am?


well you could be a brain in a jar with a generated reality. So you couldn’t “am” because everything you know would be fake.

Also, in this generated reality could hold a brain in a jar with a generated reality and this could also be you…

and in this generated reality could be a brain in a jar… with maybe you again… and within this generated

reality could be a brain in a jar… with maybe you again haha… and so on.

The chain could just go on forever with no original brain the jar!!


There is a god we have evidence!! oh, let me critique that evidence.

oh i’m going to critique the evidence of your evidence. Good sir

let me critique the evidence of the evidence of the evidence.

you barbarian let me critique the evidence of the evidence of the evidence.

forever… and ever and ever… Eventually every idea falls apart.


sometimes the answer to what came first the chicken and the egg

is that it’s an everlasting loop. inception style. Which came first me

thinking or the existence of reality? Both and neither.


could time be a geometric object?

time as a sphere.
time is infinite yet we have days.
if we walked around the world distance would be infinite.
Yet in a 3d landscape the world is very limited.
no matter what direction you walk around the
earth you’d experience new things but only
one set of possibilities in much the same
way if you were walking around a time sphere
you would only experience one set of possibilities
however if you changed direction anywhere(multi-verse)
you’d encounter a new set of possibilities. One of
those possibilities being the same thing that has
just occurred(walking backwards) flipping heads
twice in a row from a coin. If it’s hard to know
if i’m talking about time or space that’s exactly
why i’m writing this.
to speed up motion is too speed up time. To
run on the time sphere(increase the speed of
time) is the same as to run on the earth you
arrive faster. you can move at 50 km an hour
at regular time or you can move at 25 km an hour
but have time double in speed. sure you wouldn’t
be traveling at 25 k an hour any longer, but
this is under the notion that time travels at
a particular rate which is false. Time is relative.
simply there could be geometry in time that we haven’t found.
another term might be in order too. Although time seems
limitless it could be we just aren’t approaching the matter properly.
Time could even have a mass. There could be multiple
time spheres. Time could be a very alterable thing. Like
putty. We just aren’t accustom to seek the ways to alter and play with time.
the distance of an object is the same as the time of an object?
half the speed is double the length?
gravity would obviously increasing would slow motion
which would slow time.
maybe i just don’t know enough. Read more note to self. Come back.

giving value back to money! backing the dollar with bitcoin!


everybody knows about the gold standard. You take your paper money to the bank they give

you gold back in an amount. The two are 1:1 the value doesn’t change. You can always expect

the same amount of gold. There’s only so much gold on the planet or in the reserves of the bank,

however the bank must have the gold on hand to give to the customer.


bitcoin is much closer to gold than to a currency. The biggest problem to bitcoin are

the vastly complicated transaction times. You simply can’t buy a cup of coffee

in less than 10 minutes. The entire system has to check the transaction, which

also has a chance to produce a new bitcoin. However we already have a great system

in place to make transactions money. And money can be backed by gold. Gold

is just like bitcoin although not physical. A bank cannot be physically robbed of bitcoin.

You wouldn’t need to store gold. This solves all the issues of gold. Also measuring

out and purity of gold is out too. just give people bitcoin.


Bitcoin and gold should back our money. With bitcoin being faster to acquire. And gold

being a longer process with higher fees.

trickle up economics!! can it work?


i’ve hated pretty much everything the government did or was indifferent. Then john stewart made me laugh

and i was like maybe he’s right… And I kept the two ideologies at war. Socialism or freedom. Libertarian

won out extremely quickly after i got first interested with their premise of a world without a drug war.

Then won me moreso with a promise of defense over offense. Then won me over with open borders.

And just kept winning me over and over on every subject. Now i laugh with john stewart and john oliver

and just wait for them to beg for more money for any problem… But can printing money work?


The system we have very quickly trickles up money to extreme 1% of the 1% hyper billionaires.

Their giant supposedly evil corporations employ millions and do or make anything such as amazon.

But, there is no limit to how much money these individuals can have and certainly they have

amassed so much wealth they need never work again for millions of lifetimes over. So what

happens to their money? well they simply own shares or hypothetical value of companies or

they let it sit in their bank accounts. This money doesn’t get circulated. A billionaire could

everyday go to walmart buy everything then dump it in a landfill everything about that

is legal. My argument is because the money is not flowing our pocket change has value.

This directly combats the hyper inflation brought about by the unofficial tax of producing

printed money. As long as we have systems in place where our money trickles up

and is taken out of circulation no matter how much debt or money our government

prints doesn’t matter. Because 99.999999999999999999999999999% forever increasing of

the money will become stagnant. Bending over to pick up a 100$ isn’t worth bill gates



I’m sure this argument falls apart somewhere and i’m all for either a bitcoin backing

of money or a gold standard.