olive oil keto mayo* bisnatches


bob’s – olive oil keto mayo* bisnatches

Before you do anything, olive oil expires <– if you didn’t know that keep reading. Olive oil in canada/america
has no set standards for naming or quality. Make sure you have good expensive olive oil before you make
this keto mayo. 90% of the taste is the olive oil you use. Amazon has a great selection of imported Italian

extra virgin olive oils. Only use extra virgin.

what you’ll need:

1-2 cups olive oil – pictured is just over 1 cup
dijion mustard or yellow mustard – 1 tsp
2 egg – yolks no whites
2 pinches kosher salt
4 teaspoons or whatever lemon juice(whole lemon)

Everything room temperature.


makes about 1-2 cups of mayo.

important notes:

  • lemon juice acts as a preservative lasts 1-2 weeks.
  • Always use a blender, nobody can whisk that fast.
  • Let the eggs come to room temperature.

directions: With Blender***

Blend together yolk, and mustard in the blender. don’t forget to remove the egg whites. Like 20 seconds blending. Squeeze                     the lemons into a separate cup and remove the seeds. Crack the eggs and use the shell to remove the whites by passing                        the yolks back and forth.

The blender should have a removable cap on the middle on the lid. Remove the cap and funnel very very slowly the olive oil in.                     Increasing the blender speed past the first half cup olive oil.

Add virgin olive oil, a few drops at a time, to yolk mixture, running the blender constantly, until all oil is incorporated and mixture is emulsified. (If mixture separates, stop adding oil and continue blending until mixture comes together, then resume adding oil.)                can increase oil drip to a steady light stream after emulsion process has started, however start slow 100% of time                                      and try to drip/funnel the oil in a circular motion. Take your time, if your mayo is runny you’ve failed the emulsion process.

Add lemon juice every now and then while dripping oil.


  • do not over heat or under heat the mayo. no freezing ect. Refrigerate.
  • mayo Lasts 1-2 weeks
  • my blender can only handle little over 1 cup olive oil and two egg yolks. special note.
  • Also not enough liquid for the blender with only 1 yolk, so this is the only amount to be made; the recipe is not to be halved.
  • blenders only have limited capabilities to make mayo. Be careful. You may find your blender can no longer mix the mayo.
  • Alternate adding lemon juice and oil to the mixture.
  • never stop mixing until the mayo is finished.