no hunger with keto? why?


After some time in true ketosis you may notice you’re no longer hungry.

Not even for your keto food. But why?

This is my take on the experience coming from a perspective

of somebody who practices keto and reads about keto and is not a doctor.

I’ve had plenty of trips to get a mini tub of icecream in my life before keto.



Our bodies first and for most look for carbs to turn into glucose which is sugar for energy. We all know about

sugar highs, but what we may forget is sugar withdrawal. Carbs/Sugar might as well be a drug for our

system. An insane stimulant that puts us into overdrive, but after a short while we crash back to earth.

Our body desperately craves its next high so the body simply says “hungry”… Then you eat and are

content the cycle repeats for every fix of carbs.


But when our body uses fat to produce ketones something magical happens. The process is much

longer to break down our fats into energy and much more involved. We stay full longer and if

we have fat reserves our body just says whoa we have plenty of fuel. Instead of being desperate

for a carb fix that’s burned up quickly the body is content with the fat stores it already has.

Content with the energy that’s being provided then all the cravings disappear for all foods.