Mentally ill people weren’t born free: The completely mental state of the mental health system.




Locking the mentally ill away for life or drugging them into oblivion. So, I was

around 6-7 and i was like why not just “remove”(kill) all the weak people in

society. Guy drinks himself to death on the corner? boom headshot? Sure,

I know you love clothes and sometimes mentally ill people don’t wear theirs

or you talk in a manner that they don’t. Or they talk about ghosts or god

and don’t even seem to register anything around them. Get em out of

society you cry. My uncle told me every society has a debt to people who

can’t take care of themselves. We are so successful and so prosperous that

it’s morally wrong to simply not use some of this prosperity to look after those

who can’t look after themselves IE children, the old, mentally ill. If a mentally

ill person has shown to be dangerous and kill then they should be treated as

such. But if a mentally ill person is drenched in rain and simply seeks shelter

at a school that isn’t trespassing that’s on society. If a mentally ill person

steals some 3 dollars socks just let them go. They don’t have the capacity to

commit crimes well by definition. I’m not saying give drivers

licenses to people who are unstable in much the same way old people shouldn’t

be driving. Is giving such large doses of tranquilizers(anti-psychotics) so much that the person

literally dies of impacted shit because their intestines get so lazy(forever)

humane? Forcing drugs down a persons throats their entire lives while

they don’t even have the capacity to defend themselves at a profit?

is that what we’ve become? Before that cutting out pieces of their brains?

Before that chaining them to beds? Does any of this sound like proper

use of the vast prosperity we enjoy from a uniform mentality? A mentality

that puts human life on a pedestal and ensures that every man was born

free. Well mentally ill people weren’t born free.