Keto balls* easy dinner


Keto balls!!! – super good

what you’ll need:

avocado, Brussels sprout, bacon, optional: green onion. Optional: goat cheese.


  1. Fry up some bacon with a pan (not too crisp)
  2. use a little water in a pot and steam Brussels sprouts (4-6 mins).
  3. then mashed up an avocado with salt and pepper
  4. Lay your bacon out and put a lump of guacamole into the strips
  5. Put the cooked brussel sprout in
  6. optional: add a lump of goat cheese.

What to know:

You want the bacon to be able to wrap the Brussels spouts.

I really don’t think bacon wraps cook properly ever. That’s the whole point of this recipe; to cook the bacon properly.

movie directions: