death isn’t complicated.


i don’t really get why death is so complicated. I didn’t exist, then i did exist, i’m headed towards not existing… so wouldn’t i just exist again? Then obviously this is an over simplification, so that just means there’s more to know not less. I’ll never understand atheism. “there is no afterlife” even though they were dead 120 years ago. They’re literally in an afterlife now.

the counter argument to this is that time is malleable and quantum physics and string theory exist/einstein stuff. Time may only appear to flow in a direction, Time may not even flow at all!!! it’s kinda covered by “there’s more to know”

in much the same way we don’t know if there’s other life possible existing in another manner other than our own IE no water based.

we don’t know if the laws of physics are dependent on our current body limitations. We would have to not be human to know if the

parameters of reality were affixed to our bodies. Which is impossible because our reference point will first and foremost always be from

a human perspective.

eh in for a penny in for a pound. i have five minutes to write more.
it’s complicated because our definition of life is based on consciousness which is a very
animistic lifeform dependent definition to what degree would you say a bacteria is alive? Do
they experience time? You would say that a bacteria is alive and a rock dead, giving a value to
life also a contrast and you would say certifiably without a brain the amoeba doesn’t
experience time, so then you would say a dog is more alive than a bacteria who obviously
functions by the basic logic that they are able to experience time.
So now you have a scale of how alive you
can be! inanimate, animate, has brain(reality turns on), has more developed brain>?? then
we’re stuck by being human can we simply get more and more developed brains to get more
and more alive and in touch with reality IE seeing more colors, smelling more,
moving/thinking faster or slower to contour time. or is reality dependent on the fact of our
composition? Are we limited by what we can experience by simply being better apes?