could time be a geometric object?

time as a sphere.
time is infinite yet we have days.
if we walked around the world distance would be infinite.
Yet in a 3d landscape the world is very limited.
no matter what direction you walk around the
earth you’d experience new things but only
one set of possibilities in much the same
way if you were walking around a time sphere
you would only experience one set of possibilities
however if you changed direction anywhere(multi-verse)
you’d encounter a new set of possibilities. One of
those possibilities being the same thing that has
just occurred(walking backwards) flipping heads
twice in a row from a coin. If it’s hard to know
if i’m talking about time or space that’s exactly
why i’m writing this.
to speed up motion is too speed up time. To
run on the time sphere(increase the speed of
time) is the same as to run on the earth you
arrive faster. you can move at 50 km an hour
at regular time or you can move at 25 km an hour
but have time double in speed. sure you wouldn’t
be traveling at 25 k an hour any longer, but
this is under the notion that time travels at
a particular rate which is false. Time is relative.
simply there could be geometry in time that we haven’t found.
another term might be in order too. Although time seems
limitless it could be we just aren’t approaching the matter properly.
Time could even have a mass. There could be multiple
time spheres. Time could be a very alterable thing. Like
putty. We just aren’t accustom to seek the ways to alter and play with time.
the distance of an object is the same as the time of an object?
half the speed is double the length?
gravity would obviously increasing would slow motion
which would slow time.
maybe i just don’t know enough. Read more note to self. Come back.