Bob’s rage-on goat cheese bacon deviled Keto eggs


Rage-on bacon deviled Keto eggs.


Do not make if you do not like goat cheese!! Or do not put goat cheese on. However i strongly suggest
some kind of flavorful cheese. The bacon helps hold more cheese!


Goat’s cheese
yellow mustard
homemade*** olive oil mayo (link needed to mayo page when completed)
optional: sour cream


1. get a big huge pot of water so that the eggs can fully submerge.

2. set water to boil and put as much eggs as you want in.
once they reach a light boil pull from heat let rest in hot water for 5-15 mins but just use 7 mins for soft medium eggs.

3. After put eggs into a bowl and transfer the bowl into freezer for like 10 mins.<– stops them from cooking more.

4. Peel, cut eggs in half

5. Remove yolk centres and combine in a bowl. Put a small amount of mayo in and a little less amount of mustard
in and maybe add a small amount of sour cream. whisk around and add more mayo or mustard if desired.

***You can always add but you can never take away. put centre mixture back into egg halves.***

6. at the same time as cooking the eggs fry up pan bacon at medium heat and every piece can vary for cook time so watch carefully.

7. Salt and pepper the bacon cut into small pieces. crown the deviled eggs with bacon and goat cheese curds.


I always use waaayyy less mayo than most recipes call for cause i find the flavor overpowering. I’d rather taste the mustard.
older eggs are apparently easier to peel. You can use Dijon mustard instead of yellow but i already use Dijon in my mayo. 

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