aliens??? sure,


what is an alien? a form of life not on earth. Say we “flew” to the moon and discovered

a cat that’s an alien… really not special. But, many put having life on other planets

on some sort of pedestal.


but let’s work with this question.

proof? I don’t know any, but other people know way more than me.

i’d still say aliens are a certainty though.

infinite universe… infinite time… infinite realities… infinite potential energy or disbalance depending on how you want to think about it. Then we know life is based on probability and is extremely unlikely. We can define the most basic life as a bacteria. We can expand the term life to include potential “non carbon” because we simply may not have found another way to do life.

so the question becomes in an infinite universe with infinite time and infinite multiple realities and infinite energy is there a bacteria or some other form of life not found on earth?


aaa yeah…