50 Individual states? – A libertarian hand manual


Libertarian values take a long time to understand. Time people just don’t invest into understanding politics. Most people just like simple concepts. I give the government 60% of my money they provide inadequate healthcare to everybody and veto net neutrality. Easy done.

Why is there 50 individual states of America? originally 13 colonies? Every territory has different problems and different strengths. Being in the middle of a rural plane growing corn is a far different environment and challenge than dealing with a coastal city sporting millions. Splitting territories up allows the people and the limited government to tackle the issues holding back the area’s prosperity. This is why America was split up originally with the intention of small governments that focus on their own issues not as a focus of a nation but as a focus of communities.

Obviously some communities will be more successful than others. Some communities all the wealth could rise to the top and the working poor would be the working poor. However, there would be communities with opportunities for the people. With more fair and balanced wealth distribution. These areas would draw people in from all over the entire nation. Those areas with the top 1% of the 1% with a massive strangle hold on the communities and the local governments would be starved out without their working poor.

The natural state of wealth is an uneven distribution. With the majority of the wealth and power sitting with very few people. By increasing mobility of the people and keeping focus on communities and not nations we can limit the extreme dis-balance of wealth. Government is often the preferred tool of the ultra rich. Giving them control over every-bodies contributions as well as their own, and often driving down competition. There is no connection between big government and even distribution. Quite the opposite. Venezuela is the best recent example. With the richest man being the president. The very first people to leave a man made disaster are the most capable people to rebuild the country.

If Venezuela was broken up to begin with, the government was small, only small portions of the country would have been deserted with the successful people rushing to better communities. But, because the people voted for debt financed big government and handouts with a complete dependence on one commodity the entire country is suffering and will for many years. With their most able bodied citizens the first to leave the country.

The most basic way to view this philosophy is if you had your money in 100 banks. If any one of them failed you’d still have some money in the other 99. Also these 99 banks would compete with each other to give you the best rates. If you had all your eggs in one big bank, well you’d be completely devastated if that bank went under. Too big to fail becomes too small to care.