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Easy Chicken Roast* Keto style


Easy Chicken Roast* Keto style


Cook time: 1 hour 15 mins@ 350 degrees Optional: blast the last 10 mins at 400-450 degrees too crisp skin, but watch the bird!!!

Finished internal temp should be greater than 180 degrees.

Let the chicken rest for 10 mins <- juices suck back into the bird and meat relaxes.

What you’ll need:

whole chicken, garlic cloves, white onion, olive oil


  1. Wash the chicken in the sink
  2. Pat the chicken dry
  3. Set Oven to 350 degrees
  4. Optional: remove the chicken breasts
  5. Insert onion and garlic into cavity and cut up veggies if you want em
  6. Optional pull up the skin in the breast and put lumps of butter with herbs in. Or just butter if you’re lazy
  7. Cover the bird in olive oil using your hands to massage and spread
  8. Insert bird into oven
  9. Pull out and check internal temperature after an hour
  10. Put all your spices or salt and pepper on
  11. Remove onion slices (if done)
  12. Put chicken back in if not cooked
  13. Check every 15 mins
  14. Let chicken rest 

What to know:

the oil is there to protect the meat and juices from the heat and doesn’t play nice with water.
Wash your hands frequently when dealing with raw chicken.
Basting the chicken is just wasting time.(feel free though)
season the chicken past 40 mins into the cook time.


Thaw guide:

Thaw chicken in cold water
Timeline: Allow approximately 30 minutes for every pound of chicken.
A 5-pound bird will take about 2.5 hours to thaw completely.
Chicken lasts up to 2 days in the fridge before cooking.


movie guide:

Keto balls* easy dinner


Keto balls!!! – super good

what you’ll need:

avocado, Brussels sprout, bacon, optional: green onion. Optional: goat cheese.


  1. Fry up some bacon with a pan (not too crisp)
  2. use a little water in a pot and steam Brussels sprouts (4-6 mins).
  3. then mashed up an avocado with salt and pepper
  4. Lay your bacon out and put a lump of guacamole into the strips
  5. Put the cooked brussel sprout in
  6. optional: add a lump of goat cheese.

What to know:

You want the bacon to be able to wrap the Brussels spouts.

I really don’t think bacon wraps cook properly ever. That’s the whole point of this recipe; to cook the bacon properly.

movie directions:


no hunger with keto? why?


After some time in true ketosis you may notice you’re no longer hungry.

Not even for your keto food. But why?

This is my take on the experience coming from a perspective

of somebody who practices keto and reads about keto and is not a doctor.

I’ve had plenty of trips to get a mini tub of icecream in my life before keto.



Our bodies first and for most look for carbs to turn into glucose which is sugar for energy. We all know about

sugar highs, but what we may forget is sugar withdrawal. Carbs/Sugar might as well be a drug for our

system. An insane stimulant that puts us into overdrive, but after a short while we crash back to earth.

Our body desperately craves its next high so the body simply says “hungry”… Then you eat and are

content the cycle repeats for every fix of carbs.


But when our body uses fat to produce ketones something magical happens. The process is much

longer to break down our fats into energy and much more involved. We stay full longer and if

we have fat reserves our body just says whoa we have plenty of fuel. Instead of being desperate

for a carb fix that’s burned up quickly the body is content with the fat stores it already has.

Content with the energy that’s being provided then all the cravings disappear for all foods.


50 Individual states? – A libertarian hand manual


Libertarian values take a long time to understand. Time people just don’t invest into understanding politics. Most people just like simple concepts. I give the government 60% of my money they provide inadequate healthcare to everybody and veto net neutrality. Easy done.

Why is there 50 individual states of America? originally 13 colonies? Every territory has different problems and different strengths. Being in the middle of a rural plane growing corn is a far different environment and challenge than dealing with a coastal city sporting millions. Splitting territories up allows the people and the limited government to tackle the issues holding back the area’s prosperity. This is why America was split up originally with the intention of small governments that focus on their own issues not as a focus of a nation but as a focus of communities.

Obviously some communities will be more successful than others. Some communities all the wealth could rise to the top and the working poor would be the working poor. However, there would be communities with opportunities for the people. With more fair and balanced wealth distribution. These areas would draw people in from all over the entire nation. Those areas with the top 1% of the 1% with a massive strangle hold on the communities and the local governments would be starved out without their working poor.

The natural state of wealth is an uneven distribution. With the majority of the wealth and power sitting with very few people. By increasing mobility of the people and keeping focus on communities and not nations we can limit the extreme dis-balance of wealth. Government is often the preferred tool of the ultra rich. Giving them control over every-bodies contributions as well as their own, and often driving down competition. There is no connection between big government and even distribution. Quite the opposite. Venezuela is the best recent example. With the richest man being the president. The very first people to leave a man made disaster are the most capable people to rebuild the country.

If Venezuela was broken up to begin with, the government was small, only small portions of the country would have been deserted with the successful people rushing to better communities. But, because the people voted for debt financed big government and handouts with a complete dependence on one commodity the entire country is suffering and will for many years. With their most able bodied citizens the first to leave the country.

The most basic way to view this philosophy is if you had your money in 100 banks. If any one of them failed you’d still have some money in the other 99. Also these 99 banks would compete with each other to give you the best rates. If you had all your eggs in one big bank, well you’d be completely devastated if that bank went under. Too big to fail becomes too small to care.

Bob’s rage-on goat cheese bacon deviled Keto eggs


Rage-on bacon deviled Keto eggs.


Do not make if you do not like goat cheese!! Or do not put goat cheese on. However i strongly suggest
some kind of flavorful cheese. The bacon helps hold more cheese!


Goat’s cheese
yellow mustard
homemade*** olive oil mayo (link needed to mayo page when completed)
optional: sour cream


1. get a big huge pot of water so that the eggs can fully submerge.

2. set water to boil and put as much eggs as you want in.
once they reach a light boil pull from heat let rest in hot water for 5-15 mins but just use 7 mins for soft medium eggs.

3. After put eggs into a bowl and transfer the bowl into freezer for like 10 mins.<– stops them from cooking more.

4. Peel, cut eggs in half

5. Remove yolk centres and combine in a bowl. Put a small amount of mayo in and a little less amount of mustard
in and maybe add a small amount of sour cream. whisk around and add more mayo or mustard if desired.

***You can always add but you can never take away. put centre mixture back into egg halves.***

6. at the same time as cooking the eggs fry up pan bacon at medium heat and every piece can vary for cook time so watch carefully.

7. Salt and pepper the bacon cut into small pieces. crown the deviled eggs with bacon and goat cheese curds.


I always use waaayyy less mayo than most recipes call for cause i find the flavor overpowering. I’d rather taste the mustard.
older eggs are apparently easier to peel. You can use Dijon mustard instead of yellow but i already use Dijon in my mayo. 

Movie guide:



olive oil keto mayo* bisnatches


bob’s – olive oil keto mayo* bisnatches

Before you do anything, olive oil expires <– if you didn’t know that keep reading. Olive oil in canada/america
has no set standards for naming or quality. Make sure you have good expensive olive oil before you make
this keto mayo. 90% of the taste is the olive oil you use. Amazon has a great selection of imported Italian

extra virgin olive oils. Only use extra virgin.

what you’ll need:

1-2 cups olive oil – pictured is just over 1 cup
dijion mustard or yellow mustard – 1 tsp
2 egg – yolks no whites
2 pinches kosher salt
4 teaspoons or whatever lemon juice(whole lemon)

Everything room temperature.


makes about 1-2 cups of mayo.

important notes:

  • lemon juice acts as a preservative lasts 1-2 weeks.
  • Always use a blender, nobody can whisk that fast.
  • Let the eggs come to room temperature.

directions: With Blender***

Blend together yolk, and mustard in the blender. don’t forget to remove the egg whites. Like 20 seconds blending. Squeeze                     the lemons into a separate cup and remove the seeds. Crack the eggs and use the shell to remove the whites by passing                        the yolks back and forth.

The blender should have a removable cap on the middle on the lid. Remove the cap and funnel very very slowly the olive oil in.                     Increasing the blender speed past the first half cup olive oil.

Add virgin olive oil, a few drops at a time, to yolk mixture, running the blender constantly, until all oil is incorporated and mixture is emulsified. (If mixture separates, stop adding oil and continue blending until mixture comes together, then resume adding oil.)                can increase oil drip to a steady light stream after emulsion process has started, however start slow 100% of time                                      and try to drip/funnel the oil in a circular motion. Take your time, if your mayo is runny you’ve failed the emulsion process.

Add lemon juice every now and then while dripping oil.


  • do not over heat or under heat the mayo. no freezing ect. Refrigerate.
  • mayo Lasts 1-2 weeks
  • my blender can only handle little over 1 cup olive oil and two egg yolks. special note.
  • Also not enough liquid for the blender with only 1 yolk, so this is the only amount to be made; the recipe is not to be halved.
  • blenders only have limited capabilities to make mayo. Be careful. You may find your blender can no longer mix the mayo.
  • Alternate adding lemon juice and oil to the mixture.
  • never stop mixing until the mayo is finished.